The Open Oral Maths Olympiad at School 57

Russian version

Every year in the middle of October the Open Oral Maths Olympiad is held at our school. All volunteers from the sixth and seventh grades who are interested in mathematics are kindly welcome. The oral form of the contest is chosen deliberately. Attentive examiners -- teachers of our school, as well as teachers, postgraduate students and the best students of Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and staff of Steklov Mathematical Institute -will not let bright ideas sink into oblivion, which sometimes happens to even the most gifted but inexperienced students in written contests.


This year the Olympiad will be held on Sunday, October 14th. The registration for the Olympiad is about to start. In 2012 our Olympiad is organized with the support of Yandex.

Past Olympiads

300 students from Moscow and Moscow region took part in the Olympiad in 2011. As a result, 21 participants were awarded diplomas of the first, second and third degrees and won valuable prizes. Two Honoured teachers of the Russian Federation, two Doctors of Science and eleven PhDs also took part.

Here are some photos of the Olympiad published in our school's photo album.

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